Something Attractive About Dee Dee

Dee dee my sweet and cool neighbour from Philippines always complain that she doesn’t know about computer.But compare to her, I am much worse of.

Dee dee can do wonders with the computer. I admire her ability and the speed she typed the day’s proceeding. Actually I am quite shy to ask her for help knowing very well that she is very busy.

I understand that Dee dee is the media consultant of the Liberal Party of the Philippines since 2004. Her working schedule is tight and always have to put on her “thinking cap” to tackles problems and issues face by her party.

Dee dee always keep in touch with her folks back home. This is because her mobile phone always has sms coming in. She used to answer the sms. I pray that God will bless her and her family, give her strength and grant her good health to  continue her journey in the rough sea of Philippines politics         

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About Myself


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CALD Workshop

This workshop about digital communication is rather frightening to me for the simple reason :my computer knowledge is in primary level. My children are much better and more computer savvy.But I realise I need to learn more about this “in”technology to survive in this world.

So here I am, sitting in a room with people more computer savvy and struggling through.Fortunately friends here are more than willing to share and teach me how to set up my blog,design it and use it.Now,I begin to enjoy using my new “weapon” to post my writing.

In this CALD workshop, I learn to share political ideologies and understand the suffering and struggles of many people in Asia. I sympathise with the political struggles of nucb and hope in the near future they will taste victory and bring joys and happiness to all Burmese. We as liberals and democrats must give full support and backing to these wonderful group of Burmese who risk their lives to free their country from torture,suffering and political oppression. 

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First impression about Taipei

I arrived at Taipei with a fren from Malaysia on 5.9.2006.When we checked out from the airport, there was no one to greet us.We had to take a cab to the hotel.The cab driver was complaining about the present political scenario.He was a strong supporter of KMT.We just listened and made no comment,knowing very well that Taiwan politics is at a crossroad.

What impressed me most was that the cab driver was very well-mannered.Thou’ he was not happy with  the present government,he managed to tell us that in a cool tone.Malaysia was named the third rudest country in the world, and here in Taipei I met a cab driver update me on the latest political development in Taiwan.We have much to learn from Taiwan. Even people I met on the street are well-mannered.

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